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The Haven Prepares for War!

The Haven has had a spectacular first few months in Black Desert Online and our progress has been quite noticeable! In fact, at the time of this post we are on the first page of the the guild rankings for our server. The effort involved in completing the missions to maintain this status is a testament to the great participation we have seen throughout our ranks.

The Vahlok Alliance

Following our success, the officers and I have been able to negotiate an alliance with a few other like-minded guilds on our server. The alliance has been formed with the purpose of supporting other members guilds when the need arises. This may involve defending temporary grinding claims or deterring other guilds from maintaining war declarations. At this time, the Vahlok Alliance consists of two other guilds:

<Vahlok> and <Dragonaires>

In support of this alliance, a unified Discord channel has been created where are participant guilds may collaborate and socialize. Each guild is able to manage their own member-base and if any conflicts arise you may contact any Haven officer to seek resolution. The alliance Discord server can be accessed through the following link:

I look forward to seeing how the alliance may benefit all involved and I encourage all Haven members to poke around the alliance Discord server and get to know our new friends.

Node Warfare

The Valencia content update is on our doorstep! By the time you read this post it likely already released. The Haven will be actively participating in Node Warfare. Over the next few days you will read and hear a lot more activity pertaining to the details of the logistics of participating. At this time, the officers and I are discussing the finer details of which nodes we are interested in capturing with considerations of the day of the week and physical locality. If you would like to provide your own feedback please contact me (Tsion), Kiwii, or Azveki.

As a heads-up to members, everyone can participate in Node Warfare! Regardless of your level, you can repair our fort, man siege weapons, run supplies, and even ride elephants (when we get them)! Over the next few days we will solicite for volunteers to fill these roles.

To assist with understanding what Node Warfare is all about, Kharessia has posted some very detailed and helpful guides on the forum that can be found at the following link:

The official 'Warfare for Dummies' provided by Daum can be found at:


Thank-you for taking your time to read this update and I look forward to seeing you in-game and feel free to leave comments on this article!



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