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Cyresi (Tsion) / Apr 08, 2016 / Guild News
It has been an amazing month for us in the land of Black Desert Online! We have had many new faces join us in the past few weeks and I just want to take a moment to say 'Hello!' Our guild has grown considerably since early access and the result has been astounding! I would like to thank everyone who has helped make <Haven> what it is today, and I look forward to taking on new challenges with this community! Now for the guild update.


Since our success over the Guild Boss Ferrid last Saturday, it has been decided to run this boss every weekend. Our next scheduled run will be next Saturday (4/9/2016). Each weekend at least one guild boss is planned to be run. For this particular Saturday, we will have 2 boss summon scrolls! We will begin gathering inside the boss chamber at 8PM (ask for directions if you need them) and start the first of the boss summons at 8:30PM. Discord is not mandatory, though, it would help smooth out communications. A microphone is not required and participants need only the ability to listen in order to save themselves a few deaths.

Next, with us quickly reaching max guild capacity we have decided to implement a 'Leave of Absence' program to allow our guild to continue to grow and foster active players. If you have need to stop playing Black Desert for an extended period of time please visit the associated forum thread, which is also linked here, and fill out a few details in order to reserve your spot in the guild. Individuals that are inactive for over 14 days without reporting a leave of absence will be at risk of removal from the guild.


Keeping it as 'Hush Hush' as possible due to NDA, if you are interested in access to this gem of a game being created by Epic Games a few of our members have invites to give away! Please message Killer Kiwi on Discord for more information.


Peeps and Bots galore! Thanks to everyone who has made life on the Discord server active and enjoyable! Special thanks to @Swimy for installing and setting up our precious HavenBot. HavenBot will not only greet people logging onto the Discord server, but it will also play any YouTube link you queue up in the music channel. Type !music in the #music text channel for more information. As always, anyone and everyone is welcome to use our Discord server. Invite your friends, invite your family, invite your dog! Enjoy!

P.S. another special thanks is due to Kiwi for drafting this update.


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