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The Haven is recruiting players for Black Desert Online!

Killer Kiwi / Mar 02, 2016 / Guild News

The Haven is growing! We would love to have you join us in our adventure into Black Desert Online! We are a US EST Timezone PvX community interested in Node Warfare, Guild Missions, and Knowledge Sharing content.

We started out as a small core group of about 10 players that have been playing together since 2005. Since then, we've grown to around 100 players! Thanks guys!

The Haven started in early World of Warcraft as a hardcore raiding guild, and have since then played many other MMORPGs and other genres that include games such as Diablo 2 and 3, Company of Heroes 2, Rust, World of Tanks, and EVE to name a few. The majority of our community resides on the east coast and events are planned accordingly. We have a great community that loves helping out its members!

We intend to be a mix of hardcore and casual players since our members have various amounts of free time due to work or school. We welcome anyone who contributes to the guild and the content we decide to conquer. We have gained extensive knowledge of the game and are more than willing to assist players that are new to the game.

In addition to seeking players interested in helping us with content, we would also like the help of anyone willing to take a leadership role. This would mean assisting in recruiting and planning guild events to increase the scheduled content for our members to meet a wider variety of play times.

Many of us are already playing Black Desert Online right now! The Guild is up and running, with Guild Missions running every day. We would love to help you out and have you join us!

Even if you already have a guild set in mind we appreciate you reading our post and invite you to join us on our Discord Server (located through this website) to chat and play anything with us! We are a community, and we love it when there are more people to chat and play games with.

See you guys in game!


EDIT: We are currently only accepting players who are level 50 and above into our Black Desert Online guild. You must also install and join our discord server as well as sign up and apply on the website before you can be invited into the guild.


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