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Launch Plans

Cyresi (Tsion) / Feb 26, 2016 / Guild News
***UPDATE*** Please take a moment to sign-up for the launch event on the calendar if you have purchased the Conqueror's pre-order package and will be logging in at 3AM EST. We would like to know ahead of time how many people to expect as to gauge how quickly we should expand the in-game guild size limit.

On Saturday the 27th, I would like anyone that is available to hop on Discord so that we can make introductions and discuss some of the plans for launch. Several existing guild members will be online throughout the day to answer questions and take notes on the type of content some of you may wish to focus on. If you will not be available tomorrow, feel free to leave questions or comments on this news article.

As a reminder, we will be joining the Orwen (NA) server with a preference for the Balenos channel (if it exists at launch) for guild-related activities.

Discord Link:

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Hey dudes, Hoffy here. I'm getting back into town tonight and haven't had a chance to hop on Discord, but I'll be on for launch in the morning! Sorry I missed you all today. Cheers.
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