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ARK Server

We have an ark server! Search for "The Haven Guild" in your server browser to join! If you have any problems finding or joining the server say so in this thread!Here's a list of mods currently on the server: ORP - Offline Raid Protection v03.27.16...
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Are you a streamer? and a part of Haven? I want to help you, post a link to your Twitch here and I will try to make sure I announce when you stream or a recap of your stream on the Haven FB and Twitter. I will also be setting up a Twitch account f...
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Social Media (please like)

The following links are to our new Facebook and Twitter pages which I and other member of the community will be using as a tool to not only promote the guild, but to announce some events, new and other topics. Please like, follow and subscribe. I ...
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guest passes

I still have a couple guess passes. ( dont have many friends) if anyone wants to give them to someone. Just pm me here
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Familiarize Node wars NA 😀 Watch Learn Live Love !!!! Haven Forever!
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Here is a series of books that i like Spinward FringeTheBane(eden)the-galactic-mage
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Black Desert Lore
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The RePopulation

They have started the beta testing for "Fragmented" if you are a backer of The Repopulation. here is some infor on how to get it if you did not get the emailFragmented
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