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General Discussion (BDO)

Hmmm... back again in BDO ... I may even crank up WoW just for giggles.

I've been missing from the game stuff a while, and apparently my steam account and BDO account got raided. Fixed the steam account but my BDO got fried. Yes, using the same account email and PW is a bad idea. Fortunately I do change things up a bi...
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General Discussion (BDO)

Halloween event guid

halloweenDaily Quest & Login RewardThere is a daily quest for the Halloween and a Login Reward (stay logged in for 2 hrs or more each day) that you can combine each day for chance at some rewards.Halloween CookieStay Logged in for 2 hrs each d...
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General Discussion (BDO)

News from Korea

Warships are official! We will have ocean combat, improved fishing, and new trade routes. Follow the link below for more details:
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General Discussion (BDO)

Upcoming skill and Awakewning

BDO forumsGreetings Adventurers, Today we are excited to announce that the Skill Awakening System is being updated and revised. Additionally the “Skill Reset System” has been revised. Below you will find a quick break down of the changes you can...
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General Discussion (BDO)

patch notes 7/13/16

Patch notes Bdo
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General Discussion (BDO)

ninja and kunoichi date
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General Discussion (BDO)

Friendly Guilds

Hey there my friendos, in an attempt to have some visibility on which guilds we have friendly relations with, I am going to make this thread with the guild name and point of contact. I don't intend this to infringe on the strategies section, but m...
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General Discussion (BDO)

Patch notes 7/6/16

BDOShow your Beauty! Event has begun, read more >Here<.You can also check out the Beauty Album Guide >Here<.This week we have the opportunity of sharing some feedback from the Developers at Pearl Abyss. There have been many questions ...
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General Discussion (BDO)

patch notes 6/29/16

patch notesf6344tD.pngThe following material items have been added.Manos: Can be used for making Manos accessoryCan be purchased from Crystal Dealer in each town.The following crafting accessory have been added.Manos Ruby NecklaceManos Sapphire Ne...
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General Discussion (BDO)

Blackstone calc

Failstack and costSpreadsheetor this one Blackstone calc
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General Discussion (BDO)

Desert guide

BDO forums
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General Discussion (BDO)

patch notes 6/15/2016

BDoLost Toys eventSoccer Fan Package event Warfare: Trailer Event event Warfare for rookies event Warfare for soldiers event Event details will be shared at patch day.Cash Shop details will be shared at patch day.EXP & RUM event will be extend...
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General Discussion (BDO)

free liverto weapon bundles

reddit (edit: comments stated not sure when this will be available, just would be nice when it does happen) for upcoming 50'sWhat I am really looking forward for in the Valencia Update, is this.At Level 50, you will have access to this new skill, ...
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General Discussion (BDO)

storage efficiency strage in each city
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General Discussion (BDO)

Patch notes 6/1/16

BDOThe Mother’s Day Event has ended.Rum & Black Stone EventBoth of these events have been extended until June 8th.The channel Valencia 3 has been renamed Velia 2 but will remain at the end of the channel list for now, we're planning to match t...
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General Discussion (BDO)

Costume refund

Dear players,The Maehwa Atanis costume was patched on the 4th of May, slightly modifying its appearance. We initially offered a Pearls refund for the costume if the player had contacted us within 48 hours as from the patch.It has come to our atten...
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General Discussion (BDO)

Delay of valencia and seige mode

BD forumsGreetings player,We are very sorry to announce that, unfortunately, we had to make the decision to delay the release of the Valencia & Siege Mode update.Due to some technical issue to adapt the Season 4 of Siege mode to our build, we ...
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General Discussion (BDO)

2000+ energy perday
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General Discussion (BDO)

20 ways to make SILVER
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General Discussion (BDO)

patch notes 5/4/2016

uSaKrEd.pngEventsThe Yo Ho Ho & a Bottle of Rum event has been enabled.The Mother's Day event has been enabled.Click >Here< to find out more about these events.System ChangesThe following NA Channels will be removed until the 18th of Ma...
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