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Patch notes

A new boat, Old Bartali Sailboat, has been added.

It can be obtained for free from weekly quests during the event period.
Durability can be repaired
Power cannot be recovered
New event quests to obtain the Old Bartali Sailboat during the event period have been added.
[Event] Noisy Shore
[Event] Investigate Vell’s Realm
The new quest, [Event] To Vell’s Realm, is now available for characters with Lv. 50 or above and can be accepted via the Black Spirit when you are in Velia.
Details about the Old Bartali Sailboat can be found Hoist your sails

Golden Puppy Drop Event has been added.

Defeat Monsters, Fish, and Gather to get: Golden Puppy Statue!
Event Period: Jan. 17th After Maintenance ~ Jan. 31st Before Maintenance
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