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#12595921 Aug 03, 2016 at 05:29 PM
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I have put together a guide on how to create [Guild] Calpheonian Specialty through Guild Craft. The guide is a work-in-progress and may not be complete at the time you look at it. Check back later if a section you are interested in is not complete.

Link to guide:

Quick Reference:

[Guild] Calpheonian Specialty Materials

[Guild] Clearance Permit x 1
[Guild] Barbaric Tin Ingot: Tin Ingot x2, Blackstone Powder x2
[Guild] Thin Fir Plywood: Fir Plywood x2, Trace of Despair x1
[Guild] Hardened Coal: Coal x10, Trace of Violence x1
[Guild] Trade Goods Wrapper x 25 (Purchased at Guild Stable)

[Guild] Clearance Request (Permit) Materials

[Guild] Seal: White Cedar Timber x2, Rough Translucent Quartz x2
[Guild] Wax: Pine Sap x2, Rough Ruby x2
[Guild] Ink: Processed Coal x2, Blackstone Powder x2
[Guild] Parchment: Ox Hide x2, Blackstone Powder x2
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