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Greetings Adventurers,

Today we are excited to announce that the Skill Awakening System is being updated and revised. Additionally the “Skill Reset System” has been revised. Below you will find a quick break down of the changes you can expect.

Skill Add-On System
“Skill Awakening System” is being renamed to “Skill Add-On”
The Skill Add-On System can be accessed via Skill Instructor NPC.
You unlock skill add-ons from lvl 50 on, specifically you can obtain one normal skill add-on thee times total.
Level 50
Level 52
Level 54
While attaching add ons you can choose up to two effects to apply.
After attaching add-ons you can use 1 Fragment of Memory to change the add-on or change the skill you want the add-on attached to.
You may also use a Pearl Item, “Cliff’s Skill Add-On Guide (Skill Add-On Reset)” which will allow you to freely attach or change add-ons without using Fragment of Memory.
Your Skill Add-Ons will remain the same if you use an “All Skill Reset”.

Skill Reset System
Players can now freely re-distribute their skill points at anytime, either all of them or just a portion of them, on any character up to level 55.
From lvl 56 and up you will need to use “Armstrong’s Skill Guide (Combat Skill Reset)” to reset skills which can be purchased from the Pearl Shop.
To reset all of your skills open your skill window (Default K) and click the new button in the upper right corner of the window.
To reset an individual skill simply right click the skill icon from the skill window.
You cannot reset entire skill chains via the right click option, you must reset the highest rank and work your way back.
If you hold the mouse cursor on the skill that you want to reset you should see the message “You can reset the skill with a right-click” on the upper part of the description window and the skill icon should be highlighted in red.

Obviously these are major changes to the systems we have all come to know, with the changes being based on feedback from the community. The Developers at Pearl Abyss have been working on these changes for several reasons, and prior to bringing them to our version we wanted to make sure their intentions were clear, as such we asked them for a brief explanation of their ideas behind the new system which we are happy to share with you now.

Developers Reasoning for the New System and Changes
To help resolve the issue where players hesitate to invest in skills because they are afraid that they might be investing in the wrong skills or that they may be wasting their skill points.
To eliminate the feeling of needing to save your skill points for later which can make the game more difficult and some classes less fun.
To create an environment where players are encouraged to try new skills and tactics.
To stop players from only selecting a few skills which can lead to building weaker characters.

Alongside with these changes we will be updating the Challenge Rewards to support these new systems. Additionally we wanted to make sure that using the Pearl Store was no longer your only option to reset skills and as such have added the Combat Skill Reset (1 Day) to the Loyalty Store.

Challenge Reward Changes
Play Time +200 Hours will give Armstrong’s Skill Guide (1 Day)
Play Time +500 Hours will give Cliff’s Skill Add-On Guide (30 Day)
Play Time +5,000 Hours will give Armstrong’s Skill Guide (30 Day)
Play Time +10,000 Hours will give Cliff’s Skill Add-On Guide (30 Day)

Pearl Shop Item Prices
Armstrong’s Skill Guide (1 Day) - 500 Pearls
Armstrong’s Skill Guide (30 Days) - 1,400 Pearls
Cliff’s Skill Add-On Guide (30 Days) - 700 Pearls
Armstrong’s Skill Guide (1 Day) - 2,000 Loyalties

For those of you who already have items from the previous system we have already put operations in place to help smooth the transition to the new system. While we know these changes may not be exactly what everyone was looking for we will do our best to help ease everyone’s transition into the new system.

For Pre-Existing Items
Old items will be replaced with news ones at a ratio of 1:1 automatically.
The Loyalty Skill Reset Coupon will not work after the new system is live.
Skill Reset Coupons for the various Game Packages will be replaced as follows starting on July 20th after the maintenance;
Traveler’s Package - +4 Inventory Slots
Explorer’s Package - +8 Inventory Slots
If you have already bought a package but have not opened the package with the old items and open it after the new system is live you will receive the following;
1x Armstrong’s Skill Guide (1 Day) immediately
Rest of Armstrong’s Skill Guide (1 Day) via in-game mail
Please note that delivery time can take up to 24 hours.

We know this is a lot of information to take in, but it is our belief that many players will enjoy this new system much more than the previous and we encourage all of you to go in-game and try it for yourself. As always we look forward to reading your feedback on these changes and will of course convey them to the Developers at Pearl Abyss.
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