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#12506849 Jun 30, 2016 at 11:54 PM
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Alright since I won't be around much for the next month or so going layout few of my findings so you can just look here in my absents. Also never done this before so be kind.

lets start off with sea gulls spots or other wise called mobile hotspots. they give 100% yellow fish when active and last for a short amount of time. another interesting thing about them is they appear to folks base on skill level. so when you carry a buddy try to be same skill level so both can fish at the same spots.

Now the gull spots loot table seems to be broken up me west and east side of the ocean. the dividing line seem to start with Staren island.

(list of fish might not be complete)

west side fish- smokey chromi, porgy, eyepuffer, sea bass and tuna

east side fish- blue spotted bass, black porgy and grunt

Now when you fish in a non-hotspot what you fish is affected by affiliated node. to figure out what node you are under make sure you are not by an island because it will always say the island you are next too. so the loot table I am about to list are for bodies of water. this list is not all of them but a good chunk if you find another loot table just post it and get a list going.

*starting west side *
affiliated node

rameda island- [blue] herring\sailfish [yellow] smokey chromi

randis island- [blue] john dory\maomao [yellow] porgy

daton island- [blue] porcupine\swellfish [yellow] sea bass

marka island- [blue] checkerboard wrasse\taper anchovy [yellow] tuna

invern island- [blue] angler\swordfish [yellow] grunt

luvieno island- [blue] pomfret\sigunid [yellow] moray eel

paratama island- [blue] maomao\swellfish [yellow] nibbler

pilava island- [blue] swellfish\grouper [yellow] grunt

mediah shore- [blue] grouper\sea eel [yellow] moray eel

say this again not complete but just a good wealth of info for those trying to do a guild quest.

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