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patch notes

The following material items have been added.
Manos: Can be used for making Manos accessory
Can be purchased from Crystal Dealer in each town.
The following crafting accessory have been added.
Manos Ruby Necklace
Manos Sapphire Necklace
Manos Topaz Necklace
Manos Emerald Necklace
Manos Diamond Necklace
Manos Ruby Earrings
Manos Sapphire Earrings
Manos Topaz Earrings
Manos Ruby Ring
Manos Topaz Ring
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The following food items have been added.
Teff Bread
Freekeh Snake Stew
Fig Pie
Pistachio Fried Rice
Teff Sandwich
Date Palm Wine
Spongy Teff Bread
Thick Freekeh Snake Stew
Sweet Fig Pie
Savory Pistachio Fried Rice
Spicy Teff Sandwich
Mild Date Palm Wine
Classic Couscous
Grilled Scorpion
Crispy Grilled Scorpion
King of Jungle Hamburg
Jumbo King of Jungle Hamburg
Valencian Special
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The following item descriptions have been updated to say “Can be used for repairing Command Post/Fort”.
Black Stone Powder
Polished Stone
Following items have been added.
HP Potion (Extra Large)
MP Potion (Extra Large)
The following items can be sold to Goods Vendor.
Wagon Repair Kit
High-Quality Wagon Repair Kit

Manos Goldsmith has been added.
Players can craft Manos accessories
Players can use it by investing Contribution Points into Altinova 5-8, Valencia 2-6.
Fishing in the deep sea will no longer yield junk items like shoes.
The number of caught fish has been increased in Freshwater areas(1~1 -> 3~7 fishes)
The time it takes to apply energy gathering to a fishing cast has been decreased.
New Fishing Content has been added.
Blue Whale, Freshwater Crocodile, and Humpback Whale.
Valencia Part I has been added.
Guild House
+20 Enhancement Effect Content, Cron Stone
+16~18 Forced Enhancement (Green lvl Item)
Hunting - Whale
Extra Large Portion (HP/MP)
Enchantment range has been extended to +20 (PRI/DUO/TRI/TET/PEN)
Players can enhance +15 (PRI) or higher Weapon/Armor by using Concentrated Magical Black Stone.
Weapon: Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon)
Crafting Method: Heating from the processing tab (L)
Sharp Black Crystal Shard X1, Black Stone (Weapon) X2
Armor: Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor)
Crafting Method: Heating from the processing tab (L)
Hard Black Crystal Shard X1, Black Stone (Armor) X2
If enhancement of +15 or higher fails, the Max Durability will be reduced by 10.
If enhancement of +17(DUO), +18(TRI), +19(TET) fails, Enhancement level will drop by 1 and MAX Durability will be reduced by 10.
Force Enchantment of Green(Magic) or lower Weapon/Armor possible up to +18 PRI/DUO/TRI
Ex) Yuria Staff (Magic/Green) -> Yuria Staff of Crimson Flame (Rare/Blue) -> Ultimate Yuria Staff (Unique/Yellow)
If Force Enchantment of +16(PRI), +17(DUO), +18(TRI) Succeed, the Max Durability will be reduced by 100.
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The Valencia Desert area has been added.
Pathfinding Changes
The guidance arrow and Ping will not be available in the desert.
Players can not find their location by using World Map or Mini Map in the desert.
Movement Changes
Basic Movement Speed will not be changed in the desert.
Movement Speed and Skill Usage of Horse/ Wagon will be limited in the desert.
Camels are the most efficient transportation in the desert
Weather and Effects of the Desert
Chance of Sunstroke during day time or Hypothermia at night.
HP constantly drops when players get Sunstroke or Hypothermia
Players must drink Purified Water to heal Sunstroke or drink Star Anise Tea to heal Hypothermia.
Players can make Star Anise Tea from Star Anise and Purified/Distilled Water using "Simple Cooking" from the processing tab (L).
Sandstorms sometimes occur in the desert.
Sandstorms frequently hassle travelers in the desert.
Players can set up a tent to shelter themselves from sandstorms by using Desert Tent Tool.
Players can buy Desert Tent Tool at Horse Stable in Altinova
Desert Treasure Hunting
Players can use a Shabby Shovel in the desert.
Players will get various items by using 1 Energy.
New mount: [Guild] Elephant has been added.
Players can capture and raise Elephant in Valencia.
Players can capture Elephant by using Capturing Rope and Desert Peanut.
A captured baby elephant can be used by Guild members when it becomes mature.
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Guild Houses
Purchasing and Maintaining
The ownership of a guild house can be secured by going to the Guild Auctioneer found in each city and winning the closed bid auction. The ownership will be valid only until the next auction.
Listed below you will see the number of available Guild Houses per town;
1 in Velia
1 in Olvia
3 in Heidel
7 in Calpheon
1 in Tarif
2 in Altinova
4 in Western Valencia
4 in Valencia City.
Only members of the Guild with ownership can access the Guild House.
Only a Guild Master can participate in the Guild House Auction and Guild Funds will be used for bidding. Delegation of the Guild Master rank while bidding is in progress will not be possible.
A Guild Master can bid on ONE guild house at a time.
The first Guild House Auction will be held from Friday at 6:00p.m to Saturday at 6:00p.m.
Whenever there is a higher bid placed within 2 minutes of the end of the auction, closing time will be delayed by 1 minute.
The ownership of Guild House will be acknowledged immediately after the sale, and Guild House maintenance fee will be automatically transferred/withdrawn from Guild Funds at 00:00 UTC every day.
Guild House maintenance fee will be 5% of successful bid price.
When House maintenance fee is not paid, Guild House will no longer be available to enter/craft etc.
House maintenance fees will accrue until fully paid.
The Guild Master and Guild Officers can pay the deficit with their personal funds.
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Guild House Auction Rules(Hidden Auction)
Initial bid price starts from 100k silver, and the bid price of next round of auction starts from the successful bid price of last round.
In case no one wins until the auction ends, the starting bid price will be 50% of previous round’s bid price and the minimum bid price will be 10k.
Each guild can only bid 3 times and each time, the bidding price needs to be raised higher than they have already bid. Once the guild uses all chances to bid, they can no longer bid until next round of the auction.
As it is closed auction, players cannot know other player’s bidding price, notification will be displayed if your bid price is lower than current highest bid price.
Players only can bid for higher a price than they have already bid and their remaining chances to bid will be reduced.
There will be no system message even if there are guilds that bid a higher bid price than you or other guilds who have already bid.
The winning bid amount will only be shown to the guild master right after the auction is ended and the successful bid price will Not be exposed via guild house list.
Failed bidding entries can be collected from same NPC they were placed at.
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Guild Storage
How to use
Choose Bag from Ring Command Menu. A menu will pop up when players interact with door/window of Guild House.
Only “Guild” type items can be checked in/out from guild storage.
Available items for checking in/out can be vary depends on the guild members’ level
Only a Guild Master can check in/out Elephant Registration.
Guild items can be destroyed but cannot be registered into the auction house, be sold or be stocked into the personal storage.
Stocked Items (Potion, Elixir, Pet food, Cannon ball, etc) cannot be used directly from the guild storage
Expanding Guild storage is available by using guild skill points. (5 default slots will be provided.)
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Guild Crafting
A [Guild] Craft Permit is needed for activating Guild Craft. For that usage, [Guild] Clearance Permit needs to be produced repeatedly.
Guild Managers can exchange [Guild] Clearance Permit for [Guild] Craft Permit
Guild Craft button can be activated by entering guild house.
Primary Craft (Process): Each guild member can produce Guild material by using common gathered material.
When successful, Members can obtain guild action points.
Secondary Craft (Making Recipes): Guild Items can be finalized by using materials produced by guild process.
Only Guild Masters have permission for Starting/Canceling Secondary Craft.
When Guild Master activates Guild Craft, Guild Members can participate in by sending their workers.
Crafted items will be automatically checked into the Guild Storage.
Guild Craft Level is needed for Guild Craft and Guild Craft Level can be managed in Guild Skill menu.
When participating in Guild Craft, Guild members can obtain guild action points but their workers’ stamina will be drained as normal when they are given a task.
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[Guild] Elephant Raising
Captured baby elephants can be raised by using various guild craft materials.
Players can observe the growing process of baby elephant at a nearby Elephant Nursery when they start raising the elephant.
Materials for raising elephants are only available from Guild Shop.
Using Guild Craft can produce elephant raising items with lower price.
When the elephant is grown up, you may begin raising a new elephant raise on the next day (after the midnight).
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Guild Imperial Trade
Imperial Trading Products can be crafted at Guild house.
Same as elephant raising, investing Guild skill point is needed.
There is no delivery limit or bidding competition for Guild Imperial Trade.
Profit earned by Guild Imperial Trade will be transferred into guild funds.
2 Imperial Trade Package and 10 Specialties can be processed every day.
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Guild House Upgrade
Guild Masters will manage/maintain guild house by using Guild Skill Points.
Various Processing Levels and Guild Storage are manageable.
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If the ownership of the Guild House is transferred to another guild, upgraded knowledge/information and storage items will remain the same.
After the divestiture of the Guild House ownership, using Guild Storage and Guild Craft will no longer be allowed until regaining the ownership again.
If the ownership of the guild house transferred to another guild while using Guild Craft, previous craft information will remain the same. Players can check that information on Guild tab menu.
If the ownership of the guild house is transferred to another guild while raising elephant, the progress can not be completed before regaining ownership again.
If the Guild Storage is full (when Guild Craft is done), the items will be put into the locked slot #1.
Items put into the locked slot could not be taken out until the extra slot becomes available.
Guild Craft skill will only be applied on specific item crafting that is supported by Guild House.
Ex. Whether elephant raise skill is retained or not, elephant raise will not be available without Guild House’s support.
A guild must own a guild house to use Guild Stable.
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Fixed the issue where ‘Receive all’ in mailbox didn’t work properly.
‘Receive all’ now allows to receive 1M silver or less.
Received silver by using ‘Receive all’ button will be stored in local storage.
‘Receive all’ will no longer be available in town without storage.

Fixed the issue where players would drown when getting off a boat’s captain seat.
Fixed the issue where players couldn’t pass under the bridge at Demi Riverbank while riding a boat.
Fixed the issue in Node Wars where cranks had been relocated elsewhere but on the castle wall.
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