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#12428242 Jun 01, 2016 at 04:45 PM
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The Mother’s Day Event has ended.
Rum & Black Stone Event
Both of these events have been extended until June 8th.
The channel Valencia 3 has been renamed Velia 2 but will remain at the end of the channel list for now, we're planning to match the overall channel arrangement in the coming weeks.
The "We are family" title has been rewarded. You will find a coupon available on your ACCOUNT page. If you didn't get yours please doublecheck you properly followed the rules for the event. (Only char name no family name nor both, proper hosted pictures, no duplicate etc)

Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP.
The description message of the 10 minute cool down for Trading after switching channels has been improved.
Simple Cooking and Simple Alchemy will no longer consume energy even if it is shown in the recipe.
Additional types of Tier 6 and 7 horses have been added.

Advancement Quests for Lvl 30, 34, 37, 40, 44, 47, 50 have been added to the following Life Skills.
The quest areas for the following quests have been changed.
Ah, These Goblins!
Destroy the Goblins’ Power Source
Real Combat #1
Real Combat #2
Endless Research for Adventure

Fixed the issue where the displayed text was overlapping in the server selection windows while changing channels.
Fixed the issue for Wizard where their staff appearance was abnormal after equipping the Kibelius set, when gathering
while in combat stance.
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