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It tells you:

Failstack Enchanting:
- % Chance of successful fail stack enchant from +7 and up.
- How much Silvers worth of black stones you have wasted on Fail-Stacks

- How many pieces of Equipment you need to repair your durability back to 100.
- How much those pieces of Equipment would cost in total.

Force Enchant:
- How much durability you will lose if you Force Enchant.
- How many Black Stone's you need to Force Enchant.
- How much those Black Stone's cost (Total for what you need to Force Enchant).
- Total Cost (Cost in Black Stones + Cost to Repair the Durability of your item by how much you lost from Force Enchanting)
- How much it will cost you extra if you Force Enchant (Difference from Black Stone's total cost to Paying for Repairs as well).
- If you should Force Enchant or not (It will recommended that you do Force Enchant if you pay less than 1,000,00 Extra for Repairs and the success % is less than 30).


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