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(Had to remove images as they didnt work. See link above for them)

I made this guide to help my guild with progressing their processing to be able to make ingots. I went further than that and went all the way to the progression quests for Gathering as well up to the level 15 quest.

If you follow the guide, eventually you'll see I say you should be able to smelt ingots now with Heating. I say this because once you turn the water quest in, he gives you the "Heating: Beginner" skill. This is all you need to smelt ingots using your own processing ability Heating instead of using your workers.

I wanted to do this because I wanted to know how to smelt without using a worker, and all guides were from the Korean version, in Korean. So here's an English one! Hopefully this isn't a dupe, and if it is...oh well :)

I'm unsure on actual player levels required, I did this at 37.

Start quest: Because I Like You

@ Northern Guard Camp

Jemkas Wyrmsbane

Because I Like You

If you bring iron ore with you, this will go much faster. He asks for Ore or Melted iron shards, don't remember which.

After he gives this quest:

Nothing Our Friendship Can't Do

He gives you a wheat seed and asks you to plant it. Go around the corner and plant it by selecting the seed in your inventory and right clicking to use it. A plot will show up on your screen, place it and place the seed within it

Wait the 20 minutes and harvest the wheat and give it to him.

Then you get this quest:

He sends you to Heidel, just follow it.

The guy he sends you do gives you a quest to talk to the Storage manager.

Whom gives you this quest:

Leads you to Amadeo Alejandro at the Alejandro farm.

He gives you this quest:



After that he gives you this quest to go pick 3 more pumpkins,

You take these pumpkins to Ficy in Heidel, pictured below:

She then gives you this quest:

You have to prove yourself to these merchants.

You're going to need 15 ash timber, 5 rough stones, 10 empty bottles or 10 river water.

You'll process each of those and turn them in to the merchants.

Now you SHOULD be able to use your Heating processing to put in 10 melted iron shards to make an Iron Ingot!

Turn that quest in and she hands you this one:

Cheer Up, Zara Lynch

She asks you to collect 5 Ash Timber, go knock a few trees down. Don't do her quest about storage, it's a daily.

The guy next to her gives you 2 quests, do them both, they're quick and easy.

Do her quest to make a crude stone stick weapon, I had all the items on me to finish as I got there. Don't do Whats on Top of the Mountain.

She gives you a quest to return to Heidel, do so.

Next quest:

At the Humble Farm...

She gives you a quest to get pumpkins, and to carry pumpkins to her, 2 different fields. Easy quest. The end of the Gathering part.

Thats it, next up you get it from the Spirit after rank 15!

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