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#12162146 Mar 12, 2016 at 11:39 PM
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Hey guys, here's our attempt to collect a reasonable dataset on BDO's fish so we can effectively maximize guild fishing quests and general profitability. Please contribute when possible, and happy fishing!
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Hot Spots (by some referred to as Golden Fishing Spots) are providing a very high chance to catch blue and golden fish. Here is what we know about those Hot Spots:
Hot Spots are kind of confirmed. Korean Patch Notes from 08/01/2016 translated to: "Fishing Point has been moved along the ocean currents." Original Topic. However we can not be sure if we are referring to the same spots as the devs. These spots are known in the KR version since a long time though.
Hot Spots seem to be moved manually by the Devs on a regular base with maintenance, therefore they are static. However, as of now (NA/EU) we can not be sure if Hot Spots are cycling in a pathern or not.
Besides those static Hot Spots some players are reporting that moving Hot Spots (for distinguishing purposes may refer to them as "Schools") do exist as well. These Schools are moving beetween given spots and will provide the same fish as Hot Spots. The spots for Schools are likely to be changed with maintenance as well. See the addition at the end of this post for further information.
Hot Spots are the same across all NA/EU servers and channels.
Hot Spots are very narrow you can miss the spot by just a boats length or a turnaround.
As of now (NA/EU) they were around the coast or offshore near the coast.
If you hit a Hot Spot, you will catch:
Misc.: Ancient Relic Crystal Shard, Silver Key
Gray: Fourfinger Threadfin, Butterflyfish, Jellyfish
Green: Amberjack, Sardine
Blue: Swordfish, Eel
Yellow: Moray, Tilefish
Orange: Coelacanth
This is what your inventory will look like after a session.
To find Hot Spots you can try looking for other players. It is likely that a player highly ranked in fishing knows about a Hot Spot. You can always check players location in the Velia Inn, talk to the hooded man, named "Black-Robed Man" at the entrance on the opposite side of <Chef> David Finto. You'll have to pay him 10,000 silver and 5 energy though. To look up the names of high ranked players press P and click on "Ranking" (next to the "Profession" headline), then choose the fishing tab. You've to type in the name in brackets. If you have no luck, try to switch channels, the ranking is based of the channel you're currently in after all.
As of now there are no indicators for a Hot Spot whatsoever. People are likely to try and error to find a Hot Spot in the first place. Maybe there is a list that is kept a secret among top players, but we could only speculate.
If you find one, be sure to share the location with the community, as we shared these information with you to beginn with! You may use this thread to share new locations after maintenance.
Addition about Schools Credit: Jaradis
There are multiple locations of these spots. I know of 5 of them off the coast of Epheria Port. I catch totally different sets of fish in the exact same spot when it moves. When the spot is there the fish I get are completely different than when it's not. And if I check the other spots, one of them will then have the fish table I was getting in the previous location and will no longer get the "normal" fish from that spot. And it's a clear spot even in the middle of a large node area, move more than a few fishing boats in length and you get the "normal" fish again. Normal, as in what is normally there most of the time and in the immediate area around the school. When the school is there I get Grunt and Moray (both yellow), Swordfish and Sea Eel (both blue), when it's not I don't get those and I get different fish completely. And I never get those other fish while the school is there. If I start to get Porgy, Nibbler, Octopus, or Herring, I know the spot has moved, and instead of getting a majority of yellow/blue I'll get mostly white/green with a few yellow/blue. From what I noticed they stayed until a server maintenance. But there were many nights I didn't go fishing there because I was all the way over in Altinova and didn't want to ride to Epheria. But they were definitely there for days at a time.
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Yeah I saw this on Reddit earlier. Guess we need to step up our fishing scouting game! I just finished my fishing boat... good timing I guess.
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seems there are several of the hotspots. here is a reply on the official forums .


Due to the broken nature of fishing and the vastness of the water area I wanted to create a thread that would make an easy reference of where you can catch certain fish. I think most if not all fish can probably be caught in numerous locations so this wouldn't be an exhaustive list but rather just give some locations of where I fish and what was caught there so others could potentially find a spot they know certain fish can be caught.

This is sort of a companion to another thread which documents all the broken fishing quests that call for one fish but really need another (thread can be found here: Since the locations can often also be incorrect on the quest you can waste a lot of time fishing at the indicated location and never get the right fish. So this will just be an ongoing collection of screenshots with my fishing location on the map and what fish I caught there. I will continue to add more fish to that location as I find them. If you catch a fish not listed at one of these locations please post and I will include it in the list.

Others that want to post their own locations are welcomed to do so. Maybe we can get a more exhaustive reference of fish locations if enough people contribute. There also seems to be a distinction between being on a boat and on the shore with regard to what you can catch in the same location so I will indicate boat or shore for clarity.

Fishing Spot 1 - Cron Castle area (boat)

Blue Tang - Butterflyfish - Cero - Checkerboard Wrasse - Dolphinfish - Flatfish - Rockfish - Round Herring - Sandeel - Sea Bass - Tapertail Anchovy - Whiting

Fishing Spot 2 - South of Heidel (shore)

Arowana - Bluegill - Rosy Bitterling - Soho Bitterling - Snakehead

Fishing Spot 3 - North of Velia (boat) - this was not a great spot for anything other than fish bones tbh

Amberjack - Butterflyfish - Fourfinger Threadfin - Jellyfish - Sandeel - Sardine

Fishing Spot 4 - NW of Velia over Flounder knowledge marker

Cuttlefish - John Dory - Flounder - Fourfinger Threadfin - Gurnard - Maomao - Rosefish - Tongue Sole - Seahorse

In your first fishing location, a little further down, there is also a good spot for Anglers.

Also some fish around Iliya, near the dock (boat), include: Dolphinfish, Filefish, Blue Tang, Bluefish, Cero, Moray, Fourfinger Threadfin, Flying Fish, Golden-Thread, Silver-Stripe Round Herring, Pomfret, Grouper, Croaker, Surfperch, Siganid, Tilefish, Saurel

#12242603 Apr 05, 2016 at 11:44 AM
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here is some info on fishing xp


Fish Experience::.
With the recent change to experience towards fish, Blue fish no longer grant 3x the amount of experience as yellows. I got pretty excellent data on my Beginner 8 Fisher, so in turn, this is what the current experience is per fish:
Yellows - 7 EXP
Blues - 6 EXP
Greens - 5 EXP
Whites - 2 EXP
There could be some decimals in there, but the data came out smoothly.
Mediah Rod is useless::.
This is being thrown around the subreddit like people are playing hot potato with it. This is true, yet so untrue at the same time, it depends what type of fisher you are. The Mediah Rod is for active fishers, and decreases the amount of whites/greens you obtain while fishing, allowing you to obtain Blues and Yellows much quicker. This Rod is useless, however, if you are looking to AFK fish with it.
If you are an AFK fisher, you should stick with the Balenos (if you have a large inventory and +5 Fishing Skill without the rod), or otherwise stick with the Steel Rod.
Investing Energy into nodes effects Fishing::.
Yes... No... I don't fucking know anymore. I need a lot more data, but it's jumbled currently. A while ago, I posted a thread saying that investing energy into fishing nodes increased the drop rate of Silver Keys. The data I have currently is...weird, though. I would have to put a LOT more testing into it to be conclusive, but unfortunately that is a huge hit into my EXP and Money gained per hour doing so. I will be waiting until the node is level 10 before doing more testing on it.
Hotspots give the most money per hour::.
This drives me bonkers, and is only true to AFK fishers. If a Hotspot (also known as a "Gold Spot") is Abundant, then it is most definitely the best money per hour you could be making with active fishing. However, going from Abundant to Exhausted almost DOUBLES the amount of time it takes to catch a fish, rendering the spot near useless to Active fishers.
Note: This is why active fishers get their panties in a bunch every time you post their hotspot, you are essentially breaking their market not only in the time it takes, but also crashing the trade prices as well, but I digress.
Hotspots give the most Experience per hour::.
Honestly, I am just as surprised as you are, but the answer is no. Well... At least when it comes to "Golden" Hotspots. There are apparently Warm spots (Also known as "Blue Spots") out there that have decreased time to catch fish, but have NO yellows in their loot table. It looks something like this:
Color Caught Percentage
Yellow 0 0%
Blue 159 77.94%
Green 12 5.88%
White 19 9.31%
Key 10 4.90%
Relic 4 1.96%
Junk 0 0%
In this spot, if you were in a Golden Hotspot when it is abundant, I would still get more experience than you per hour while active fishing. Even at abundancy, by the time you caught your 4th fish at the Hotspot, I would have caught my 5th. Since the difference in EXP between Blue and Yellow is minimal, this spot actually grants more experience per hour.
Leveling the Fishing profession does nothing::.
Wrong, bad! Bad Fisher! As you level up your Fishing profession, two things start happening. The first one, the most commonly known, is that you have a chance to (sometimes) activate the mini-game with less combinations to press for greater fish. An example of this is only needing 3 button presses for a Blue Fish, or only 5 button presses for a Yellow fish at Artisan 1.
The most uncommon one revolves around Fishing Rods. Now, I haven't tested this exclusively but I've started to notice it recently. There seems to be a higher chance of NOT using a durability on your Rod when fishing with a higher leveled fisher. Again, I must stress I have done NO testing at all when it comes to this, just something that I have noticed.
Now get in the Ocean and make me a fish sammich.
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