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[Pinned] Found Fishing Spots

Eberdeen Island Grunt Nibbler John Dory Porcupine Fish Alright, so. I don't know if it's a legit fishing hotspot, because I still got fish hooks every 3rd or 5th cast. But other than that this is what my inventory looks like after a few minutes Af...
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[Pinned] Fishing Matrix

[Pinned] Fishing Matrix

Hey guys, here's our attempt to collect a reasonable dataset on BDO's fish so we can effectively maximize guild fishing quests and general profitability. Please contribute when possible, and happy fishing!
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General Discussion (BDO)

Hmmm... back again in BDO ... I may even crank up WoW just for giggles.

I've been missing from the game stuff a while, and apparently my steam account and BDO account got raided. Fixed the steam account but my BDO got fried. Yes, using the same account email and PW is a bad idea. Fortunately I do change things up a bi...
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General Discussion (BDO)

Halloween event guid

halloweenDaily Quest & Login RewardThere is a daily quest for the Halloween and a Login Reward (stay logged in for 2 hrs or more each day) that you can combine each day for chance at some rewards.Halloween CookieStay Logged in for 2 hrs each d...
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[Guild] Calpheon Specialty Guild Craft Guide

I have put together a guide on how to create [Guild] Calpheonian Specialty through Guild Craft. The guide is a work-in-progress and may not be complete at the time you look at it. Check back later if a section you are interested in is not complete...
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General Discussion (WoW)

The Haven is recruiting players for World of Warcraft: Legion!

The Haven community is expanding! Since our adventures into Black Desert Online our community has grown significantly! Members have been doing boss scrolls, participating in node warfare, and grinding mobs in Black Desert Online, squading up in Ar...
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ARK Server

We have an ark server! Search for "The Haven Guild" in your server browser to join! If you have any problems finding or joining the server say so in this thread!Here's a list of mods currently on the server: ORP - Offline Raid Protection v03.27.16...
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Are you a streamer? and a part of Haven? I want to help you, post a link to your Twitch here and I will try to make sure I announce when you stream or a recap of your stream on the Haven FB and Twitter. I will also be setting up a Twitch account f...
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General Discussion (BDO)

News from Korea

Warships are official! We will have ocean combat, improved fishing, and new trade routes. Follow the link below for more details:
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Social Media (please like)

The following links are to our new Facebook and Twitter pages which I and other member of the community will be using as a tool to not only promote the guild, but to announce some events, new and other topics. Please like, follow and subscribe. I ...
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General Discussion (BDO)

Upcoming skill and Awakewning

BDO forumsGreetings Adventurers, Today we are excited to announce that the Skill Awakening System is being updated and revised. Additionally the “Skill Reset System” has been revised. Below you will find a quick break down of the changes you can...
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General Discussion (BDO)

patch notes 7/13/16

Patch notes Bdo
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General Discussion (BDO)

ninja and kunoichi date
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General Discussion (BDO)

Friendly Guilds

Hey there my friendos, in an attempt to have some visibility on which guilds we have friendly relations with, I am going to make this thread with the guild name and point of contact. I don't intend this to infringe on the strategies section, but m...
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General Discussion (BDO)

Patch notes 7/6/16

BDOShow your Beauty! Event has begun, read more >Here<.You can also check out the Beauty Album Guide >Here<.This week we have the opportunity of sharing some feedback from the Developers at Pearl Abyss. There have been many questions ...
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Hunting how to
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New fishing layout

Alright since I won't be around much for the next month or so going layout few of my findings so you can just look here in my absents. Also never done this before so be kind. lets start off with sea gulls spots or other wise called mobile hots...
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valencia food

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General Discussion (BDO)

patch notes 6/29/16

patch notesf6344tD.pngThe following material items have been added.Manos: Can be used for making Manos accessoryCan be purchased from Crystal Dealer in each town.The following crafting accessory have been added.Manos Ruby NecklaceManos Sapphire Ne...
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General Discussion (BDO)

Blackstone calc

Failstack and costSpreadsheetor this one Blackstone calc
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